Write a program in c to find the factorial of a number using recursion

/* * c program to find the factorial of a given number using recursive and non-recursive functions * author: p.s.suryateja */ #include #include #include #include int factorial (int n) {.

SOURCE CODE : : /* C program to calculate factorial using recursion */ #include<stdio.h> long int fact (int n); int main ( ) { int num; printf ("Enter any number :: "); scanf ("%d", &num);.

Factorial program in android. Ask Question Asked 9 years, 3 months ago. ... { EditText number; TextView answer; Button calculate; long factorial. The factorial of negative numbers do not exist and the factorial of 0 is 1. JavaScript Program to Find the Factorial of a Number Three ways to calculate the factorial of a number in JavaScript:. Web. The.




calculateFactorial and show are two public functions. calculateFactorial is used to calculate factorial. calculateFactorial reads the user input number and calculates the factorial. It uses one while loop to calculate the factorial. It multiplies all numbers from num to 1. show is used to show the factorial value, i.e. factorial. Output:.

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The user entered an integer in the above example for the factorial number program is 4 First Iteration i = 1, Factorial= 1 and Number= 4 – It means (i <= Number) is True Factorial = Factorial * i => 1 *1 = 1 i++ means i will become 2 Second Iteration i = 2, Factorial= 1 and Number= 4 – It means (2 <= 4) is True Factorial = 1 *2 = 2.